6 de agosto de 2013

Analgesia en pancreatitis aguda: es seguro el uso de opioides?

Tradicionalmente, el uso de opiodes para la analgesia durante episodios de pancreatitis aguda ha sido contraindicado debido a su potencial efecto en el aumento de la contractibilidad del esfínter de Oddy. Una revisión sistemática realizada por Basurto X et al, del departamento de Urgencias del Hospital de Figueres concluye:

"Opioids may be an appropriate choice in the treatment of acute pancreatitis pain. Compared with other analgesic options, opioids may decrease the need for supplementary analgesia. There is currently no difference in the risk of pancreatitis complications or clinically serious adverse events between opioids and other analgesia options.Future research should focus on the design of trials with larger samples and the measurement of relevant outcomes for decision-making, such as the number of participants showing reductions in pain intensity. The reporting of these RCTs should also be improved to allow users of the medical literature to appraise their results accurately. Large longitudinal studies are also needed to establish the risk of pancreatitis complications and adverse events related to drugs"

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